Websockets for live data connection

I’m currently really interested in learning how to set up a websocket using Hackeet to be able to trigger changes in the UI when something changes in a database table.

Coming from the Bubble world, they had an integrated database which I assume had a websocket. A simple example of how it worked would be: we’re both looking at a page with a repeater full of ‘Chat Messages’ from the database. When I send a new message, I see the message appear in my repeater, and you see it appear in yours instantly too.

From what I’ve learned with Hackeet, this would indicate it’s using a websocket (for example, you don’t see any new API calls or network data usage when the new message appears). The websocket is maintaining a live connection between Bubble (or whatever front-end tool) and the database. Hackeet can act as the websocket intermediary, connecting the front-end tool and whatever database you want in theory.

My mission, to connect Bubble, and then also Noodl, to Hackeet, to a MongoDB Atlas instance, to check the ‘Chat Messages’ collection in MongoDB for data inserts and update a repeater when changes are detected. I’ll post my learning journey here.