Pulling out one particular object from a JSON array

I’m asking MongoDB to do a search for me, which will return an array of objects from my collection. How can I tell Hackeet that I want to parse out only the first object and set it to a variable? Or even tell Hackeet “give me only the object from the array where email = blah@blah.com and set that to a variable”? I know these are basic dev questions but this is fundamental Bubble stuff a lot of people will relate to!

Unless you need the whole table, the best way to do this is to add filters to your query to MongoDB and specify them when you perform your search. You can see the example.mongodb.design on our website (Integrations->MongoDB Search), and in particular the Query parameter of the MongoDB search node, which is the search query in MongoDB syntax. If you need to manage the whole table, the solution is to parse the set of results returned by Hackeet through the JSON Parse node and filter the results it returns.