List of possible functions in Hackeet nodes

I remember in the old Hackeet website there use to be a list of all the different functions in Hackeet with an explanation of the arguments you need to include. Does that still exist?

I’m trying to generate a random string of numbers and letters and I can’t remember the function :sob:

Hi Richard,
This part of the site is still being transferred from the old version to the new one and will be available soon. In the meantime, you can view the old documentation here : Hackeet Functions (old version)
This link will no longer be available once the new website is updated.

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Awesome, thanks! That works for now.

I still can’t find what I’m looking for though. In Bubble we have a function ‘calculate random string’ where it will output either letter or numbers or both at random up to a certain number of characters which you can define.

Follow up question, is there a function to concatenate a bunch of strings together? Like say I want to take my @URL variable and add “?user=XYZ” to the end?

EDIT : there’s an append function, woop! But I have to download a core plugin. Your old site tells me to paste a command into my terminal, but it’s only for Linux or Windows I think.

hpm package CorePlugin.2.1.5

Perhaps the most convenient way to do this in Hackeet is to use the uuid function, which generates a unique random string of numbers and letters. If you need to have strings of a given size, you can use the substr function with the returned string.
Create Random Ids (example)

The core plugin is installed by default and you don’t have to do anything. To add strings, there are several ways to do it. You can simply add them as "Hello " + “World” or you can use the strcat function, strcat("Hello ", “World”). The results of both methods are exactly the same when you only handle strings. But if you want to concatenate a string and a number, for example to construct the string “Hello 1”, you must use strcat.

Ok strcat worked, thanks! I guess the old list of functions has been updated, so examples like ‘append’ have been replaced?

Hi Richard,
The updated page on the website is now available here :
Hackeet Functions