Better validation of string fields

Could the green tick validator thing maybe tell us if we’ve accidentally forgot to put quotations around a string inside a string field? It can break the whole flow if you just forget one field.

Hi Richard,
Just to clarify, not putting inverted commas when using a string is not necessarily a mistake and it can even be a design choice. Indeed, in Hackeet we can manipulate several types of data to initialize the nodes or to make calculations. First of all, there are raw types like numbers or strings. Unsurprisingly, numbers are of the form 1244.456 for example, while strings have to be enclosed in inverted commas like “my example”…for example. But you can also use variables, as in any programming language, and here the variables are of two types. There are global variables, which are shared between all nodes in a diagram and whose name starts with an @ (like @my_global for example), and there are local variables which are attached to a specific name, whose name is just a string without quotes (like my_local_variable for example). So depending on what you want to achieve, you can use any of the data mentioned here. I’ve put an example here.
Strings, Local Variables and Global Variables

I didn’t think of it like that, thanks Thierry! That makes a lot of sense.